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We're committed to helping you succeed. WINFertility gives you everything
you need to design fertility benefits for your clients and grow your business.

Expand Your Portfolio

Clients seek enhanced health care benefits in an effort to attract and retain high quality employees.

Ease of Administration

Improve performance with easy-to-use health benefit plans. Tailored services and flexible solutions.

Deliver Client Value

A-Z Resources, marketing materials, and sales support to help you serve your customers.

Why Fertility Benefits Matter.

Infertility is a disease that affects 7.4 million Americans. That’s 1 in 8 couples or 10-15% of people.
While infertility affects a sizable portion of the population, only 29% of insured individuals have some type of coverage.

More Women in the Workforce

Nearly half of the workforce is female.

New Generation of Millenials

New generation of millenials starting families later in life.

Non-Traditional Family Building

Increase in more non-traditional family building.

Partner With the National Leader in Fertility Benefits.

Give your clients an end-to-end fertility solution, backed by decades of experience.

Strategic Guidance

From benefit design and management to service and support, we extend our expertise to help you and your clients adapt to today’s social and technological changes.

Affordable Plan Design

We have solutions for national, mid-sized, and small employer groups. Our comprehensive programs give you the flexibility to match our solutions to your clients needs.

Customer Support

Like you, we put our customers first. That means providing your client’s staff with dedicated 24/7 support from our FertilityCoach Nurses and customer care teams.

Easy Onboarding

Working with us is easy. WINFertility provides you with simple, efficient, and customizable resources so you can easily get up and running and sell the program.

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Develop the Right Solution for Your Clients.

Our programs allow you to provide your clients a standalone benefit—
or integrate WINFertility’s solution with their existing medical plan—to get the most out of their healthcare dollars.


Expertise in fertility treatments, both conventional treatments like Clomid/IUI and high tech solutions like IVF

Egg Freezing

Exciting new advances in the ability to successfully cryopreserve (freeze) human eggs now allows us the option of extending the fertility of women.

Genetic Testing

WINFertility offers a comprehensive menu of reproductive genetic screenings, state-of-the-art PGD and PGS techniques

Network Management

WINFertility Platform contains all the tools necessary to maintain providers, pharmacies, locations, product participation and fees etc.

Case Management

Based on proprietary clinical protocols developed by WINFertility’s Medical Advisory Board.

Pharmacy Benefits Management

Innovative solutions for managing pharmacy-benefit costs and enhancing quality of care.


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Client Company Employees


Employees Served Nationwide

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